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Old 08-23-2015, 12:59 PM
mguer mguer is offline
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Default Logical OR/AND? Multiple "if" conditions? Is there such a thing?

I'm working on a script that should enable me to Overdub, Multiply or Undo using the same button, depending on how long I keep it pressed.

Overdub (<500ms)
Multiply (500-1500ms)
Undo (@2000ms)

But in order to call Multiply in the mentioned interval and not just in 500ms window of time as it is now, I need to be able to say something like this:
if sustainCount = 1 OR sustainCount = 2

Here's the code:

!name _Overdub/Multiply/Undo

!sustain 500

label sustain
    if sustainCount = 3
        message Undo (loop)
        wait loop

label endSustain
    if sustainCount = 0
        message Overdub (loop)
        wait loop

    if sustainCount = 1        (<-- this needs to be changed)
        message Multiply (loop)
        wait loop
The exact way to achieve what I want is not that important. If there some other way to do it, please say it.

In general I'm interested in how to write more complex if statements involving OR/AND logical operators. The manual currently says nothing about it (if section is empty).

EDIT: I'm aware that I can duplicate the statement, first time for sustainCount=1 and second time for sustainCount=2 and say it to do the same thing (call Multiply), and it'll do for such a simple script, but it will soon become a bad practice when I go about writing some more complex scripts, so it's better that I know about it right away.
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Old 02-10-2017, 01:43 AM
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I know this is a super old thread but I'm going through and adding answers to what I can in the hope that someone will do the same for me

In the absence of more flexible logic, you could define the code you want to run for both instances in a procedure (aka function) and then call it from each if block.
That way while you still have to have two if blocks, you have only one block of main functionality to maintain.
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