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Old 05-05-2017, 06:28 PM
joshterryplays joshterryplays is offline
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Default Moment of silence Ableton Tempo Sync

Hi all!

I'm running mobius as a plugin within Ableton.

When I use "Track" as the "Default Sync Source" within Mobius, and play, for example, a single sustained note, and loop it. The moment the loop starts over is very subtle, as if the sounds were overlapped and crossfaded.

When I use "Host" as the "Default Sync Source" within Mobius, and do the same thing. The moment the loop starts over is far more noticeable, with almost a negative popping sound where the audio drops out for a moment and the loop starts over.

Is there any way to use "Host" and get a smoother loop?

Thanks so much!
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Old 05-08-2017, 08:59 AM
groovetod2 groovetod2 is offline
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Hi Josh,

I tried that with my setup yesterday in both situations (host sync/track sync). The point of the loop restarting was quite obvious as expected, but I also didn't hear any clicking noise, so there was definitely a crossfade. The sound was identical in both sync situations.

How subtle the moment the sound starting over is depends mainly on the input source (level/sound difference, phase of loop end and start). Some sources may sound more subtle than others and it may also differ every time you loop that part again, of course.

There is a paragraph about the crossfades in the documentation, maybe that'll help...

Having said that I also know, that there are some quirks where Mobius behaves differently host sync mode - mainly regarding scripting.
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