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Old 02-21-2017, 11:21 PM
Tony Tony is offline
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Default Starting : )

Hi friends!, how are you? I hope really good.

Ok, i'm starting to learn about scripting. I read every document in the page, but i'm not really getting what i need to do.

So, the first question i have, is if there is any way to learn this, because it results quite confusing to me.

What i'm actually doing is to copy the scripts that you share in the forum, and the y modify a little the text, so finally they do finish doing something similar to the thing i need to do... but i want to control much more the questionso i have to learnhow to use much better.

Can u help me whit this? haw can i start doing simple scrips by my how, that works..

Thanks a lot peolple! the software is amazing, really one of the best.
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Old 05-01-2017, 06:08 PM
groovetod2 groovetod2 is offline
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Hi Tony,

I know from experience that Mobius isn't that self explanatory. But with some time and patience it turns out to be the most powerful looper I know. You actually did the right thing if you wanted to start scripting. Reading the documentation and also learning and understanding scripts from the forum is a good start. I started the same way about a year ago by reading the doc and searching the forum for other people having the same issues I had. Learning by doing is the best way with Mobius, I guess. With time you get a feeling for the syntax and the quirks of Mobius. And if you run into a specific problem you can't solve, feel free to post a thread. Until now I could solve all my issues with the help of the forum members...

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