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Old 07-20-2011, 10:34 PM
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Default HostBar + wait beat = no dice

howdy guys, anyone else use wait beat commands in scripts?

when i execute the following script I get no message and the "script" text appears hung on the playback bar
wait beat
message poopey

if i sub "wait bar" instead, it works-
im using mobius 1.42 plugin mac ableton host
i also notice that when in midibar/midibeat it will show the beat status next to the tempo..... in hostBeat/hostBar... all it shows is the tempo??

the 2 workarounds i found arent gonna work but-
1)there is no bug if i use midiBar/beat/in
this works successfully even when in plugin in mode to capture midi from live- only problem is that the sync is not very sharp

2)there is no bug if i use hostBeat.... but then i have supreme issues starting/ending record because i have to press the button on the last beat of the bar where as before i could do it any time in the bar

any ideas/confirmations/advice would be appreciated,

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